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Gundogz Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit specializing in hunting dog rescue and rehoming. Our focus is not just on rescuing hunting breeds, but dogs that have been actively used for hunting. These dogs will only be placed in the home of active hunting families.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Adopt My Next Hunting Dog?

Do you have any questions about hunting dog care? Check out this article from by Dr. Seth Bynam, an avid hunter and veterinarian, to find out everything you need to know about caring for a hunting dog.

About Us

About Our Services

Most of our staff own and hunt their dogs, and as such fully understand the unique needs of dogs that have spent their entire lives hunting. We are connected to national hunting organizations that we network with throughout all of North America. We have staff members that are active in Ducks Unlimited, NAVHDA, American Pointing Lab Association, The AKC and Pheasants Forever to name a few contributing organizations.

Our preferred goal is to re-home a dog to a family with breed-specific experience. We also offer special assistance to breeding kennels that need specific help in rehoming entire kennels in the event of an unexpected life-altering circumstance.


What We Do

dog qualifications

Because most hunters have breed-specific requests, at this time we are only focusing on purebred hunting breeds that have been actively hunted. This includes Pointers, Flushers, Retrievers, and Hounds.

Pet retreival

We are currently not planning to ship dogs via the airlines. Since we have nationwide networking, we will endeavor to first re-home a dog as close to its original home as possible, thus reducing the need for using the airlines.


All potential adopters will be vetted with regard to their home and kenneling environment and provide a written review of their dog ownership and previous hunting experience.
No exceptions. Fees will apply based on the dog’s age, training, and hunting experience.

kenneling & FOSTERING

Dogs will only be temporarily placed in foster homes with safe, qualified families. Breed-specific experience is a plus, but not a requirement for fostering. Fostering is supported through a volunteer arrangement. If interested please contact us.


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