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In the mid-’70s, I was introduced to bird hunting and bird dogs. It didn’t take long to understand that these purpose-bred dogs were happiest when getting to do what they were bred for. It also became clear that when they were purchased strictly for their beauty and did not get the activity, exercise, and training interaction with their owners that they could be grossly misunderstood to be difficult and sometimes destructive pets. Even more so when they got to start their life off in a structured, hunting home and ended up somehow in a shelter or an apartment where watching TV was the common activity for most days. Not to mention, losing the strong bond they developed when “working” for a living as a hunting companion. Sadly, many often end up in shelters or homes unsuitable for their talents and prove to be too much dog for the average pet owner…

As an avid hunter, breeder, and owner of 6 hunting dogs, all trained and hunt tested, I decided to start a hunting dog rescue that sets the highest standards for rehoming these wonderful dogs into new homes where they will be loved as family members and get to live out their days hunting. All of our staff shares the same experience and love for these wonderful breeds and we are determined to provide a “second chance” for them when they need to find a new forever home. We look forward to growing in the scope of our efforts and experiencing the joy and satisfaction of knowing we played a small part in bringing the right people and right dogs together where everybody wins!

Pat Nordquist
Founder and President of Gundogz Rescue

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