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We are convinced that there is a reason why serious dog lovers searching for a purpose-bred, purebred hunting dog know the axiom “you get what you pay for”. Many have seen the sad result of backyard breeders and puppy mills that are only interested in making money and not the quality of well-bred, trained, and cared-for hunting dogs.

As the owner of 6 well-bred, trained, and hunted bird dogs, the idea of any of them ending up in a home where they are not appreciated or hunted is unthinkable. Our goal is to place them in homes where they will be appreciated as family members that get to live out their days doing what they were bred and accustomed to doing.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between adopting and fostering?

Adopting is permanent placement.

Fostering is temporarily housing and caring for a dog until they are placed. Fostering is a volunteer effort.

Contact us for more info on each position.

How much does adopting cost?

Their cost is relative to their experience and training, but at least as much as a new pup would cost to purchase. After evaluating the age, abilities, and potential as breeding stock, their adoption fee will be established accordingly. Each dog is different. 

What does the adoption fee go towards?

The fee goes to support our efforts in rescuing, feeding, and rehoming these dogs and the expense of caring for them (including vet checkups and associated care) in the interim.

Will I need additional veterinary services?

Typically, no.  All our dogs will have been screened by a vet for health clearances before entering the adoption program.

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