Rusty – Red Bone Coon Hound (Adopted)

Type: Red Bone Coon Hound

Age: 3 years

Sex: Male

Rusty is very friendly and loving. He does well with kids and other dogs. He loves the outdoors and being active most of all. Rusty is looking for someone who has property that he can run and play on. Rusty could be a good companion for a long-distance/cross country runner as he was bred to run long distances. Rusty would also be a good companion for an active hunter as he has the breeding history. Rusty would not do well in a more urbanized environment. 

Rusty needs his new owner(s) to understand that his parents are champion coon hounds who have been bred to be vocal when they get excited. Rusty would like his new owner(s) to know that he expresses himself vocally when he gets excited. 

Rusty has been with a trainer for two months who specializes in training hunting breed dogs. He is excelling in his obedience training and is working on off-leash recall. He is crate trained. Rusty has shown that he does better being an outdoor type of dog.

He is currently located in Wisconsin.